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With the start of games for MPTLL around the corner, MPTLL's social media will be doing their best to provide the latest field conditions, scores, and highlights.  If you take pictures or videos at practices and/or games, send them to  so we can post to our social media!
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by posted 03/18/2019
Thor Guard - Weather Alert System

MPTLL, thanks in large part to our Boosters, has taken the next step in ensuring the safety of our families while at the Randolph Park.  The single biggest issue surrounding the weather is when to make the decision to vacate the playing fields and what technology to use to help make that decision.  Luckily for our families we've removed the human element with the installation of the Thor Guard Integrated lightning prediction and warning system.

What is it?
Thor Guard is a proactive lightning warning system—in other words, it measures variables to determine the possibility of lightning, not the detection of lightning that has already struck.  It measures the electrostatic build-up and changes in the atmosphere and compares this information to over 100,000 hours of historical thunderstorm data.  When the system reaches a preset "Red Alert" level, a horn system is automatically activated and all areas should be cleared.  As weather conditions improve, the horn system is activated with three 5 second blasts letting families know it is safe to return to the fields.

How is it controlled/monitored?
It is all computer controlled and activated.  It removes subjective decision making and uses proven scientific equipment.

Who paid for this technology?
MPTLL paid for the system, including quarterly maintenance of all equipment.

Do families have access to real-time information?
Thor Guard has a link for viewing radar and safety warnings on your computer or from your smartphones or tablets.  Other weather apps are no longer needed; just point your device’s web browser to the link(s) above for a quick, concise weather tool located where you actually need it; at Randolph Park.

by posted 03/12/2019
Join the 2019 MPTLL Booster Club

The MPTLL Booster Club began in 2015 and the club has been instrumental to MPTLL's success by providing help in various areas. 2019 proceeds from the Booster club dues will help pay for the following items: Internet connectivity and video streaming equipment, THOR GUARD lightning prediction and warning system, field maintenance equipment (rakes, chalkers, etc...), and batting cages and additional L-Screens.  If you are not registering a player or you chose not to join the Booster Club during 2019 spring player registration and you'd like to be a 2019 Booster member then use this form to join the club.  MPTLL appreciates the support!

posted 11/01/2018
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Field Status
01. Independence Park - Charlotte OPEN (3/20) 
02. Bissell Field - Charlotte OPEN (3/20) 
03. Grier Heights 1 - Charlotte OPEN (3/20) 
04. Kiser-Chapman - Charlotte OPEN (3/20) 
05. Field 11 - Charlotte OPEN (3/20) 
06. Field 12 - Charlotte OPEN (3/20) 
07. Founders - Charlotte OPEN (3/20) 
08. Grier Heights 2 - Charlotte OPEN (3/20) 
09. Keith Field - Charlotte OPEN (3/20) 
10. Wade - Charlotte OPEN (3/20) 
12. Naomi Drennan - Charlotte OPEN (3/20) 
13. TBall 1 - Charlotte OPEN (3/20) 
14. TBall 2 - Charlotte OPEN (3/20) 
15. TBall 3 - Charlotte OPEN (3/20) 
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